Root out the Darnel

We are back in the fields again this week (oh, and in the kitchen). We hear of wheat; darnel; a mustard seed, and yeast. All, except the darnel, are likened by Christ to the kingdom of heaven.

The trouble with darnel weeds is that they look very like wheat especially in their early stages. We could be reminded of sheep in wolves clothing,[1] the outward appearance of good but the inner reality a little different.

We all know that evil exists as well as goodness in the world. Yes, we can all acknowledge our sinfulness, the darnel or the wolf so-to-speak inside of us, for “in everyone, the weeds of sin will still be mixed with the good wheat of the Gospel until the end of time.[2]householder[3]

Modern technology enables the farmer of today to cut out the darnel while reaping his true harvest. How blessed are we that we can avail ourselves not of modern technology but of the Sacrament of Reconciliation so that not only is the darnel removed but also, we can receive strength anew, grace to enable us to grow like strong sheaves of wheat. Good news indeed! We just have to take the field of our life to Christ.

We are part of the Church. The Church is holy – “though having sinners in her midst, because she has no other life but the life of grace. If they live for her, her members are sanctified; if they move away from her life, they fall into sins and disorders that prevent the radiation of her sanctity. This is why she suffers and does penance for those offenses, of which she has the power to free her children through the blood of Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.[4]

We can hesitate – but why do so? Late harvesting cannot be guaranteed to produce a good result! And the one harvest[5] at the end of time of each of us has an eternal consequence!

Sr. Rosaleen Shaw OP

[1] cf. Matt.7:15

[2] Catechism of the Catholic Church #827


[4] Ibid., Paul VI, CPG no.19

[5] A common biblical metaphor for the time of God’s judgment; cf. Jer 51:33; Jl 4:13; Hos 6:11.

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