The long awaited day had finally arrived on the 11th of July -- our English safari adventure to Longleat!

And what were some of the sisters thinking and feeling about this?

After a (very) early Mass followed by our morning Divine Office, all the sisters made their way to the African wilderness of Warminster! And what did we find there?

Lions! And Tigers! And... other animals! (And rain!)

I suspect many of the people there were quite amused to see sisters there as well -- perhaps they thought we came specifically for the penguin exhibit.

Early in the day, there was a group of primary school children who spotted us out of our natural habitat.

One said to the other in a loud whisper of amazement, "It's GOD!!!"

To which the other responded, "No, it's not God!"

We found that rather hilarious and wonderful all at once!

So... we have so photos to share! (With many more to be uploaded to our flickr page in the very near future.)

At the entrance to the African Village -- home to zebras, giraffes, wallabies, lemurs, and giant tortoises!

While gazing at the giraffes, the sisters were asked to point to look interested and point to the animals...

Sr. Julie - the Lemur Whisperer!



Happy Sisters on the river cruise to see the gorillas, sea lions, seals, and hippos!


And last, but not least.... Penguins!!!

We hope you enjoyed our little adventure as much as we did! Until next time!

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