Sr. M. Carino!

It was with great joy that we celebrated the Clothing of Sr. Carino ("Ka-REE-no") in the holy habit of our Holy Father Saint Dominic during Vespers yesterday evening!

Now that Sr. Carino has completed her one year of postulancy, she will embark on two years of novitiate. The first or 'canonical' year is a special time in which the novice is given more time for personal prayer and spiritual reading; it is a period in which the active apostolate is set aside to enable the novice to grow ever deeper in her relationship with Jesus Christ and with the community in her discernment. During the second year, she will enter once again into the active apostolate of preaching and teaching with the community. In addition, there is continued theological and personal formation under the guidance of the novice mistress as she prepares for her First Profession at the conclusion of her second novitiate year.

So, are wondering what we think you might be wondering? -- "WHO is Carino??"

We're glad you've asked!

In a nutshell, Carino is the murderer-turned-Saint of our Order's first martyr - St. Peter Martyr - and his Feast Day is the 28th of April. For a good visual, see below:

Though he's a mere footnote in the great early annals of our Order (Lives of the Brethren of the Order of Preachers: 1206-1259), he has an INCREDIBLE story worth reading about! Have a look at these:

Blessed Carino of Balsamo: Milan's Murderous Homeboy by Rodney Aist

Carino Converted by Br. Thomas Martin Miller, O.P.

Please continue to keep Sr. Carino and our community in your prayers as we keep you in ours!

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