These past few weeks have been filled with wonderful blessings within the community and within our apostolate -- with retreats, visits of furry friends, and a great American Thanksgiving!

Our annual Amata Dei (vocation discernment) retreat welcomed seven young women for a fantastic weekend preached by Fr. Nick Crowe, O.P. (Vocation Director of the English Dominican Province) in collaboration with our Sisters.  There was also another enrollment into the Angelic Warfare Confraternity, thanks be to God!  All in all, everyone had a blessed and joyous time together, made some new friends, and enjoyed a weekend away from the distractions of daily life.

AD - Fr Nick - png.png

AD - group table - png.png


The following week, our priory was happily invaded by a full house of Fanning the Flame Summer Campers for a reunion amongst friends as well as time well spent growing in their faith development and love of our Lord.  The weekend was jam-packed with not only the "holy things" (like Holy Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Divine Office, and Rosary), but great fellowship and fun with crafts, games, and a fabulous bonfire!

FTF - Reunion Group - png.png

FTF - bonfire.jpg

Holy smokes (Batman) - what's Sr. Mary Benedicta doing?  Our Sr. Sacristan is properly disposing of no-longer-usable purificators. (Phew!)

FTF - Sr H - png.png

FTF - Candice - png.png

Yes, it was raining, but with truly heroic British spirit, they kept calm and carried on enjoying the bonfire!

FTF - Babs - png.png

FTF - Donkey - png.png

A little peak into our baked-clay donkey... as well as other amusing creations from our workshop. Most people molded Nativity figures, but one of the Sisters might have been a tad too creative... hah!


And finally two days ago, with our always eager-and-ready-to-bake-up-a-storm American Sister, we celebrated the Great American Thanksgiving - complete with roasted turkey, glorious stuffing/dressing, green bean casserole, and a thing to marvelled at: sweet potato casserole! (With these ginormous marshmallows!)

Here's some photographic evidence of this dish:


TG - b4 - png.png

Please note: those marshmallows were purchased right here in England... the American Sister had never seen such massive marshmallows in all her American life.


TG - png.png

Mmmmm... nice and toasty!!!


So, in between all of these things, we've also had a few furry friends visit our animal-lover Sisters - Sr. Margarita & Sr. Julie!

Isla - png.png

Isla! - the sweetest little King Charles Spaniel you've ever met!

Dogs - png.png

And two more furry friends stopped by a few days ago!

Happy Sisters!