Sacred Study

"Before all else, our study should aim principally and ardently at this that we might be able to be useful to the souls of our neighbours."

Primitive Constitutions of the Order of Preachers, prologue

Study is an essential part of our Dominican life. We study primarily the truth of the Catholic Faith, as it is revealed in the Church through Scripture and Tradition, and all that is true and helpful to our ministry of evangelisation, catechesis and doctrinal formation. We have a minimum of 2 hours of daily study. All sisters engage in study all their lives, and most are currently working to obtaining various certificates and degrees in Theology and Catechetics.

Study is for us Dominicans a means to seek and come to contemplate God who reveals himself through his Word to our intelligence illumined by Faith. The gifts of the Holy Spirit also help us to raise the eyes of our mind to God.

Study is also a means to love our neighbours. We do not study for ourselves, but for the sake of those we are called to serve and help discover the treasure of the Catholic Faith.